Self Taught Dog

A few months ago I blogged about the commands that Jax had learned at his puppy classes. As we approach the anniversary of the day he came home to us I sometimes marvel at the phrases that he has learned on his own. They say the best way to learn a language is to live among the speakers of that language…apparently that holds true for dogs as well!

Kong: We stuff our Kongs and freeze them, prolonging the licking fun and the quest for treats. Typically we fill them with the canned version of our holistic dog food, but sometimes bananas, treats, peanut butter and pumpkin make an appearance.



Puppy Lunch: Puppy lunch was a special meal for the first year of Jackson’s life. Puppies eat three times a year and we were able to keep this up for the entire first year of his life. We were sad to see puppy lunch end just because of the name!

Do you wanna: This can precede anything, logical or not. So far he’s wanted to do it all!

Maggie,want a treat: This can be used to psych out the puppy when he is being stubborn and pretending not to know the come command. Using treat envy is probably not endorsed by dog trainers but it works like a charm when he sees us giving his big sister a tasty morsel!

Daddy: The other day I referred to my husband, aka Daddy to the kids and dogs. Jax immediately ran to the door to see if daddy was home from work yet. Such a smart pup!

Duck duck: The name of his first mallard toy.

Bird: Just like it sounds, I point out the birds in the sky as they fly by.

Boney: One of many bones or antlers. Usually follows “go get your”.

Upside down puppy: To start a snuggle session Jax never simply lays down like a normal dog. Instead he has a special motion where he approaches you head first, tucks his shoulder down, and does a sort of half front flip, rolling onto his back with all four legs up, belly ready for rubbing.

When you think about it, people who are close to each other often have a common language, private jokes, and body language that only they know. The same holds true with our family, our sweet Jackson, and our bond that spans species.


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