Best Food for the Best Dogs!

The other day some coworkers and I were waiting for a meeting to start and we ended up discussing one coworker’s low-carb and gluten free diet. Joking around I said “you and my puppy are on the same diet, he doesn’t eat corn, soy or wheat. His food contains herring and split peas” I laughed.

“Wow, your dog must be buff” joked another coworker. “He is! He’s shiny and rippling with muscle” I could say with 100% honesty, although I spared them my lengthy discussion about dog food or how all of the female golden retrievers flirt with Jackson at dog school.

Several years ago I was on a German Shorthaired Pointer Facebook group when the discussion of dog food came up. I replied with the very well-known brand that I had been feeding for several years at the recommendation of a veterinarian at a clinic that I used to use. Comments started coming in fast and furiously, all with the message that my food was a bag of junk and bad ingredients that had no place in my dogs’ bodies. Luckily one user linked me to a dog food grading site.

I started to Google dog food and I was appalled at what I found. I graded the food I had been feeding and it got a D! How could a trusted brand, someone whose name is all over the dog world, put such useless ingredients in their food? Why had I trusted their claims without doing research? I had just lost my beloved female black Labrador retriever at thirteen years old to a combination of kidney disease and severe arthritis. If I had fed her differently would she have lived longer? Thirteen was a long life for a large dog, but could she have had another year? Would her senior years have been easier with better nutrition?

I immediately switched our food for a smaller organic brand that I found at the local big box pet food retailer. I felt much better and at peace with what I was putting in my babies’ bowls.

A year later my German Shorthaired Pointer died after a battle with cancer. His death, just a year after my lab’s passing, knocked the wind out of me. I barely managed to get out of bed to face each day. I spent most evenings crying in bed, wrapped up in the blanket that we had used to warm and comfort him in those last days before we took our last visit to the vet clinic. A week after he died we started our search for a puppy.

As we prepared to bring Jackson home from the breeder (the kind of women who all dog breeders should emulate) she told us what he had been eating during his puppyhood, which was the same food that his mother had consumed while she was pregnant and nursing. She would send one large bag home with us and then we could decide to keep him on it or change it to a different brand.

Being a rampant Googler I of course looked up this food that I had never heard about: Canine Caviar. At that moment I feel in love! Yes, I fell in love with a dog food brand.
Canine Caviar was formulated by the CEO and founder to solve skin allergies and health issues in his beloved Great Dane. Fortunately this Great Dane’s owner had a professional background that made the creation of this food possible. He solved his own dog’s health issues (he went on to live for an amazing 17 years) and started this amazing line of foods.

Canine Caviar is wheat, corn, soy and potato free. It is an alkaline based diet in order to promote healthy tissues inside of those furry bodies that we love so much. The final thing that won me over the most was this company’s dedication to funding cancer research in dogs and that a portion of my purchase goes to their Canine Caviar Cancer Research Foundation.

Our little puppy Jackson is now a big boisterous 21 month dog. We have kept him on Canine Caviar since the day he came home to us and also switched over our elderly Basset Hound. Right now they are devouring the Wild Ocean Grain Free formula but we will switch to a bag of the Wilderness Grain Free (venison) soon. We order our food from a few different online companies with free shipping which has made our dogs fall in love with the FedEx delivery driver. New Food Day is a monthly celebration around here!


I get compliments on a regular basis about Jackson’s gorgeous coat. Part of his appearance is genetic and great breeding and part is his food, a Canine Caviar dog since he was in-utero. His black coat shines as if made of silk, his muscles ripple, his breath is so good you could stick your head in his mouth, he never passes gas and his poop is nice and firm and small, a testament to the fact that Canine Caviar is in the 92% range in terms of digestibility.


Dogs are like that computer term you learned in basic computer class…garbage in, garbage out. As my sweet puppy sleeps peacefully next to me as I write this I cannot imagine putting harmful things into his body. As dog guardians it is our duty to put the best food we can afford into their bowls. For Jackson that food will always be Canine Caviar, and my mission is to spread the word to other dog guardians who have not learned that it is up to us to do the research and put the best product possible into their sweet furry babies.



2 thoughts on “Best Food for the Best Dogs!

  1. vgeisler

    I smiled as I was reading about Jackson. The reason I smiled was because you could see it in his face (especially the last photo). VERY CUTE by the way! His eyes are clear and you can definitely see the shine in his coat and he looks happy. We have one dog and are babysitting on a regular basis a Golden Retriever. The first thing I noticed about the Golden is his Breath was awful, he has diarrhea, and his eyes dripped gunk. He is staying with us for a month this time (30 days) and I hope that is enough time for the Canine Caviar to make a difference so I can show his owner (my Boss) what a great product it is. It is funny how commenting on poo is so common place when talking to others about Canine Caviar but you really do notice a difference. Thanks for your wonderful post and I look forward to more post about Jackson.

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