Snow Zoomies

This winter has just  taken over the record of 3rd snowiest winter in the Chicagoland area and there are two black Labradors in my house who are giving this achievement of mother nature a total of eight paws up. As I write this they are milling around me making little whining noises and staring a hole in my back because they know that it is almost time for their morning snow zoomie session.

What is a snow zoomie session? Quite simply: zoomies run in the snow. Zoomies are play sessions in which active dogs run around like maniacs at top speed. In normal weather we just call this part of the day zoomies. Sometimes they run indoor zoomies. Snow zoomies are paws-down the best fun they have all year.

Tinkerbell is experiencing her first winter. At almost ten months old she has been given a great gift from mother nature in the form of so much snow. Jackson’s first two winters were very sparse in terms of snow, so this is his first big winter of snowy fun. I am the only neighbor who is outside literally running around like a little kid with my dogs, making ice balls for them to chase, snapping photos as they race through the yard. We have a blast together and I have a lot of fun watching them frolic in their joyful and innocent way. Our neighbors’ yards sit untouched with covers of beautiful smooth snow. Our snow does not have a single section that is not tramped and tossed around by Labrador paws; it looks as though 100 Labradors have been playing in our yard.

As the snow starts to melt today I am very sad. I love seeing my sweet dogs having this much fun. Winter has lasted so long that I wonder if they have forgotten what it is like to have regular grass under their paws. Sure there will be bunnies to chase again, birds to watch fly over the house, the doggie pool with water in it and our neighbors will come out of hibernation and join me in the yard. For now, though, it is just the three of us trying to get in as many snow zoomies as we can.


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