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A Year of Tinkerbell

A few weeks ago we celebrated our “gotcha” date with our sweet female Labrador Tinkerbell. As she sleeps on the bed next to me right no, her bedtime toy “snakey” a few inches from her head, it seems like much longer since this crazy pup came into our world.

I did not realize how few blogs I’ve written since Tinkerbell came home. Although we had just gone through Jackson’s puppyhood a few years before Tink’s I had still forgotten just how much time a puppy takes. It is worth every second and I would not trade it for anything, but it also does not leave as much time for blogging about it as I always think.

I did not get to spend much time with Tinkerbell’s mother when we went to pick her out of the littler; after all, she had nine pups to watch over as they frolicked in a big grassy yard. However I read on her website that she is the type of dog who makes her owner and our breeder (her co-owner) laugh out loud one second melt their heart the next. Tinkerbell is most definitely her mother’s daughter.

On one hand, Tinkerbell is a little crazy. She is lean and strong and does everything full force, whether it is leaping off the deck to chase a bunny, racing zoomies around the yard, running up the stairs to chase the cat, or greeting us when we come in the door. Tinkerbell has one speed: full throttle.

She runs indoor zoomies with Jackson and hurls herself against the back of the sofa, she has jumped entirely over our loveseat, and body slammed the oversized chair. We have worked on stopping her jumping for months, using every technique that we can google. She has springs in her legs and we joke that she has to be part Jack Russell. She makes me understand what our breeder is talking about when she refers to dogs who like to be “busy” all the time. Tinkerbell is one of those dogs.

Then there is her tongue,which appears to be extra long as it lolls out the side of her mouth when she is hot and tired. With her bright brown eyes glistening and her red tongue hanging carelessly out of the side of her mouth we cannot help but wonder what is going on in her mind, what crazy antic she is plotting next.

When Tink is calm there is no sweeter dog. Her head is on the small side but with classic female Labrador beauty and beautiful lines. Just like Jax, it seems as if we can see her every emotion in that face. She is as loving and snuggly as she is energetic. She sleeps on the bed with us every night, something we’ve begged, bribed and tried every method to get Jax to do, yet he still prefers his travel crate that will likely be a permanent fixture in our bedroom. She has two favorite spots, both of which mean that either my husband or I cannot stretch out our legs fully; neither of us will make her move.

Tinkerbell was one of 9 puppies and one of the first ones to go to her forever home. Accustomed to being part of a big pile of snuggly pups, Tinkerbell immediately found her spot next to Jackson, choosing to lay next to him no matter where he was, usually mimicking his position. A non-snuggler, Jackson was clearly out of his comfort zone, having been a little separated from the pile o’ pups in his own litter because of his broken leg, but he seemed to indulge her, never moving even though he looked like someone on an empty beach who had just had their space invaded by another beachgoer.

A year later she still will lay nearly on top of him no matter what they are doing. We smile as he gives a huge doggie sigh and sniffs her as if he is asking her “really??” She turns and looks at him and gives him a lick as if to say “oh, you love me.” We often joke that she has no concept of personal space; this is just fine with me as I love it that she will lay across us, sprawled on her back and ready for tummy rubs and ear scratches.

As I write this she is snoring loudly and her beautiful black paws are twitching. I wonder what she’s dreaming about. Come morning she’ll be ready to go for the day, leaping up and down like a kangaroo as she shares her very enthusiastic “good morning” greetings. But for now she’s having her little doggie dreams, her tail wagging sometimes, licking her lips every now and then and sometimes even making little puppy nursing sounds with the tip of her tongue hanging out. I’ll never know what she’s dreaming but like any mom wishes for her babies, I hope it’s a good dream, inspired by a good life. Because that’s what Tinkerbell and Jackson give to us and what we will always strive to give to them.2014/07/20140720-004403-2643872.jpg”>20140720-004403-2643872.jpg