About Lynn Stacy Smith, Jax & Tink

Lynn Stacy SmiJackson & Tinkerbellth is a lifelong Labrador owner and dog mom to two  young black Labradors. Lynn resides with her husband, step-kids, dogs and one cat in the far western suburbs of Chicago. Lynn is a self-employed freelance writer, blogger, social media advocate and an Independent Stylist for jewelry and accessories company Stella &  Dot. She loves to be outside with human and canine family and 3recently started to show Jackson in conformation events. She is passionate about canine nutrition and is an advocate of treating dogs with love and compassion as well as spreading awareness of canine cancer.

Jackson, aka Jax, was born on March 8, 2011. He was one of four boys in his litter.  When he was just two weeks old he was nursing by his mother’s front DSCF0202elbow and was in the wrong spot at the wrong time when she rolled over onto his leg, catching it under her elbow. The leg broke and he had to undergo scary vet visits and special treatments at just two weeks old. The breeder was astounded by what a special puppy he was, and how good he was at keeping his weight off of his leg and how accepting of all of the special handling that a puppy so young does not usually encounter. He received t1005720_10152056201987178_452038353_nhe nickname Aquadog, Super Puppy because of his amazing behavior and the aqua yarn that identified him in his litter. He was named after the lead character on the TV show Sons of Anarchy. He recently started his conformation career and won Best of Breed at a recent United Kennel Club show in the Chicago suburbs.

Tinkerbelle, aka Tink, was born May 7, 2013 and comes from the same friend/breeder as Jax. Tink was one of seven puppies in her litter and is Jax’s cousin as their mothers are sisters. Tink is named after the Peter Pan fairy of the same name and is proving to be as lovable and mischievous as her namesake. She loves her big brother Jax and is a very snugly and sweet pup but is not afraid to explore and dive head first (literally) into adventure.


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