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My Big Black Dogs

As a writer who works from home I am blessed that I look at these two sweet black dog faces more than I look at anyone else in my family. They lay by my desk as I write, they force me to take periodic breaks, they are my lunch buddies, my muses and my best friends. I look at their beautiful black faces and marvel daily at the different expressions that show their emotions like an open book.


Black Dog Syndrome refers to the lower adoption rates, longer waits for forever homes, and ultimately increased euthanasia rates for black dogs. Although the evidence for this is anecdotal rather than statistical, it is enough of a problem that some shelters have used creative means of promoting their black dogs, from brightly colored bandanas to special adoption events. DSCF0501

Personally, I prefer black dogs. As a Labrador parent I sought out a black puppy both times. Jackson and Tinkerbell now fill my home with black dog hair tumbleweeds, but previously there was Snoop, Cinder and Babe, all black Labradors. In fact, we specifically waited for a black litter. We would have had a wonderful puppy out of any of our breeder’s yellow litters as all of her puppies are amazing dogs, but as far as aesthetics go, black is my preferred Labrador coat. Their fur seems more silky and shiny, especially with their Canine Caviar holistic pet food that fuels them. To me they are simply works of art, from their tails to their noses, and every furry black inch between.1

Since I can’t understand how they aren’t the FIRST dogs to find homes, let’s run down some of the fun reasons why black dogs are the best!

10. Feed them good food and keep them nicely brushed and clean and their fur will shine like silk.

9. Black fur is easier to see when it’s time to vacuum.

8. Dogs with black faces do not get tear stains like lighter colored dogs.

7. It’s easier to see them in the snow.

6. Their fur won’t show up on your Little Black Dress, black dress pants, black sweaters or black leggings!

5.  Brightly colored collars pop beautifully against their fur!

4. In some breeds, like Labradors, their fur feels softer and more snuggly.

3. In the rescue world, one person’s unwanted dog is another person’s best friend!

2. You can sing Led Zeppelin songs to them.

1. Their hearts and souls are the same as lighter colored dogs!DSCF0259

Want to read more about Black Dog Syndrome or find your own black dog? Check out these great links:





Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

When you build a life around the love of dogs, when one dog passes there is a gaping hole in your home and your heart. Some people never fill that hole, feeling that they cannot go through the loss again. Others bring a new dog into their home quickly, not as a replacement, but as a source of joy to help fill and smooth the hole. We are of the second variety.

Last week Jackson’s new sister came home. Officially named Shadowmyst Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust, she is our little Tinkerbell, aka Tink.

Tink was born on May 7, 2013, our second puppy from our amazing friend/breeder who is the epitome of responsible and amazing dog breeder. Tink’s mother is Jackson’s aunt and their fathers are from a different breeder but share a relative far back in their line. Here at our house, Jackson and Tinkerbelle have already become a pack of two.


Tink has been home for ten days. I wish I could see the world from her viewpoint, especially as she has experienced so many new things and revealed so much about her personality.

We had a choice between two females who our breeder thought would be right for us. The other pup was a little more aloof and independent, versus Tink who immediately ran up to us and snuggled up to my husband as if he had known her forever. Then she came to me and snuggled. We were hooked.

Now that she is home Tink is showing a brave and adventuresome side. She is like my husband; she goes all out and puts all of her energy into her chosen activity and then she crashes and naps hard. It took her just a day to figure out that her favorite spot to nap was on my husband’s fleece blanket on the sofa that I made him for Christmas. She is still too small to jump onto the sofa on her own, so when she is sleepy she sits next to the sofa and either gives a little whimper or puts her paws on the side of the sofa. Of course she always gets a lift up; she is too adorable to deny her this napping spot.

jax and tink snuggling

Tink also quickly figured out her mealtime schedule and the routine involved. She eats three times a day and knows that when we grab the dog bowls and open the pantry door that she is moments away from a bowl of holistic Canine Caviar dog food. Both she and Jackson are Canine Caviar dogs from their first mouth of solid food, as well as in-utero through their mother. They also came home from the breeder knowing how to sit and wait for their food. She sits so nicely next to her brother as they both wait for their bowls of organic dry dog food to be placed before them.

jax and tink waiting for breakfast

We have also had puppy swimming lessons in the big human pool, for a few minutes at a time. The moment her feet hit the water she started her dog paddle swimming technique, and now she is swimming the full length of the pool under close supervision of course. She swims from Daddy’s arms to Mommy’s arms and then back again before getting toweled off and making a lap of zoomies around the yard.

Our little Tink is doing a great job learning which items are for her and which are off limits. Since the keys to dog training are patience and repetition we believe in keeping non-hazardous temptations in full reach. I have taken the same shoe away from her a dozen times, replacing it with a deer antler or squeaky toy. Eventually she will learn; moving the shoes doesn’t teach the lesson ,and it is our responsibility to her to teach her the lessons she needs. After all, she had no say in coming home with us, so we owe it to her to show her the ropes around her new home.

tink at vet 2

We are head over heels in love with our little girl. Jackson gives four paws up as well. Once again our friend/breeder has blessed us with such a special family member and I cannot wait to share her adventures with you.